Australis 4wd Adventures began their High Country tours in 2015. Based out of Melbourne, their small personal tours take travellers to parts of the Victorian High Country that the ordinary vehicle can’t gain access to. Their tours give people access to early Australian historical sites, high country terrain, and an experienced guide with expert knowledge of the area.

The founder of Australis 4wd Adventures, Bruce, came to us requiring a website that would enable his customers to purchase a seat on one of his tours. We did some research and found that we could set this function up with the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress. Just a simple customisation of the WooCommerce plugin, one of the many services that we can provide for our clients, and we had an online booking system on the website. The WooCommerce plugin was a good option for Australis 4wd Adventures as it already worked with the PayPal payment gateway. This meant that they could accept online payments immediately, whilst the WooCommerce system would handle the bookings for them.

If you have a website with specific needs, we can provide you with a customised function to suit your requirements. Contact us with your requirements to discuss what we can do for you.

Visit their site and find out more about their tours at


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