“Good design is good business”

Thomas Watson, Jr.

So What is Web Design?

Web Design is, to put it simply, graphic design for the web. It’s creating an image of what the website will look like before handing the image over to the web developer. It’s the creative and imaginative side of building a website. But there’s a little more to it. Web design needs to follow the principles of design and be able to understand usability so that customers or users can navigate around the website easily and intuitively.

Are you standing out?

Acacia Street can provide you with professional web design services for your business, including email templates and graphic design. Just click below to get started.

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What Acacia Street Can Do For You:

Web Design

Website Design

Do you need a website custom designed for your business? We can design a website for you, giving you a website for your content instead of having to adjust your content to suit the design. Using a custom design could be the difference between a customer choosing your product or service over your competitions. Good usability may bring you repeat business as your customers like using your website to get what they want.

Email Templates

We can design responsive email templates or your business so you can get the most out of your email marketing campaigns and newsletters. Emails can be sent in HTML or text, but the user’s email program will ultimately decide which to show. A HTML email can display text formatting, text and links the same way a web page does enticing your subscribers to interact with your website but will also contain fall-backs if a text only email is received.

Graphic Design

Do you need a logo designed? Or perhaps an image edited? Acacia Street can provide you with quality graphic design services from optimising images for the web to business identity design.

Responsive Design

You may have heard this term around the internet recently. Since the development of phones and other mobile devices that are connected to the internet, these devices have been used to view websites. But websites were originally made to be read on a computer with a large screen. When they’re viewed on a smaller screen, everything is made smaller, including text and buttons. Responsive design eliminates this by adjusting the size of the text, images and layout of the page so it can be easily read and used by someone with a smaller device. There is a lot more coding that goes into a responsive design so we’ve written some more information in our web development section.