Web Development is the coding behind the design of a website. It comes in many languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript to name a few. Acacia Street offers a variety of web development services from basic HTML coding up to advanced custom applications.

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Acacia Street can provide you with expert web development services to help you get the most out of your website. We’re content management system specialists and can also help you with making your website responsive or building custom applications. Start achieving more today.

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Acacia Street Web Development Services:

Content Management Systems

WordPressContent management systems (CMS) are a speciality of Acacia Street Web Design. Using a CMS on your website is a small investment to ultimately save you time. More time for you to spend doing the things that you enjoy. A CMS will enable you to manage the content on your website without having to use a web specialist to make the changes for you. You also won’t have to learn how to write code because the CMS will do all that for you. We specialise in the WordPress CMS, which accounts for close to 1/4 of all websites on the internet(1). We can also help you with other CMS‘s such as Drupal or Joomla amongst others.

Responsive Design

Responsive design is a term for a website that can be viewed and interacted with easily on smaller devices such as mobile phones and tablets. Another term is “Mobile Friendly”. Recent changes to Google’s search algorithms give priority to websites that are mobile friendly. You can check your own website by using their mobile friendly tool. Acacia Street can help you to make your site responsive. We will evaluate your existing website to work out the best way of making your website responsive.

Coding Services

web developmentIf you’re a web designer and need your design converted to HTML or into a CMS like WordPress, Acacia Street can help. Our web developers are experts at coding and can easily make your design into a functioning website. Our developers can also convert your existing HTML website into a CMS enabled website.

Customised Applications

Acacia Street can create customised applications to add extra functionality to your existing CMS enabled website. Galleries, forms, members areas are some examples of what our developers can create for your website, improving the quality and usability of your website for your customer.